Incident handling

Reporting and notifications

"No-training-needed" way to report incidents, near misses, observations and ideas for employees and contractors.

Configurable email and text message notifications to stakeholders: from informing team members about ideas to notifying top management about accidents.

We integrate In case if parts of the organization or organization's contractors already have an existing solution for reporting, we provide a way to integrate and benefit from handling possibilities and analytics.


The handling progress is ensured by intelligently appointing the responsible, instead of piling up all the incidents on one person's table.

The classification performed for each deviation provides data for analytics and defines how seriously should the deviation be handled further.


Serious and frequently occurring deviations require digging deep. In-built models such as "Chain of events", "Five whys" and "Swiss cheese" help to identify not only immediate but also root causes and prevent incidents from repeating.

Root causes are then further analyzed providing an insight into weak areas which require improvements.

Corrective and preventive actions

Corrective and preventive actions identified during the investigation could be assigned to both employees or contractors.

The implementation is automatically followed up with regular reminders.

Shared learnings

It is crucial to make sure that if a problem is identified and fixed in one part of the organization, it does not repeat in others.

Automatically generated safety bulletins help to share the learnings and boost collaboration.


See the big picture to spot trends across the organization and improve processes based on the data.

Monitor and benchmark the performance of different parts of the organization.

Get your people involved

Boost competitive spirits and drive the motivation


Rankings of top star contributors


Competition through benchmarking