Collect data according to GRI and other standards:

  • Environmental (CO2, waste, water usage)
  • Manufacturing (production, fuel usage)
  • Finance (investments, costs, fines)
  • HR (personnel counts, working hours)
  • Safety (counts of injuries, accidents, ideas)

Location independence

A single data reporting point for entire organization accessible from anywhere.

User interface available in local languages.

We integrate If some of the data is stored in other systems it is possible to integrate and benefit from approval functionalities and analytics.

Progress monitoring

Quick way to monitor the progress of data reporting and approval.

Reminders sending to ensure that the data is supplied in time.

Validation and approval

Flexible validation rules preventing erros and making sure that data doesn't deviate too much from existing values .

Up to four levels of data approval so that the supplied data could be ensured by people in different roles.


Dashboards presenting collected data.

The data could be combined with other information in the system. For example, combine working hours with injury counts to automatically get injury frequencies calculated.