Combine and analyze:

  • HSEQ incident data
  • Near misses, observations and ideas
  • Sustainability indicators data
  • Inspections and audits results
  • Supplier evaluation results

Combined data

The data from all the parts of the system is combined in dashboards providing additional value and insight.

We integrate We provide a way to integrate with other systems in order to benefit from combining data into dashboards.

See the forest and the trees

Natigate between dashboards and actual data without leaving the system.

Learn what stands behind every chart and table by going from counts directly to incidents and other data that stands behind those pies and columns.

Personalized filters

Each user in the system could have own filters applied to dashboards, which would be automatically remembered by the system.

We integrate We support synchronization with organization's hierarchy to provide users a possibility to filter dashboards for their own teams and units.

Custom branding

We support complete branding in dashboards (and accross the entire system) so that everything looks according to organization's color palette.

It is possible to copy charts to presentations and public facing websites right-away without worrying about their brand compliance.