Whistleblow channel

Protect the whistleblower:

  • Common misconduct reporting channel
  • Secure and anonymous
  • Personality of the whistleblower 100% protected
  • Full handling process & documentation
  • Responsibility management

In December 2021 the EU directive of Whistleblower will be implemented in all EU countries. This includes all organizations above 250 employees for now, and during the next 2 years organizations below 250 employees must implement a similar procedure.

The whistleblow channel includes both internal and external reporting channel, through which stakeholders may report unlawful or unethical misconduct directly to the organizations high level responsible persons. Organisation must protect the reporter and the reporter must be able to follow up the status of the handling.


The whistleblow channel is fully anonymous and it doesn't track or save any user data at any stage.

The reporter receives a follow-up link to the case where it is possible to see the actions taken by the company and to communicate further in case if additional information is required.


Only specifically named responsible persons can see and handle reported cases within the organization.


Case handlers have a possibility to communicate to the reporter the results of their work and ask for additional information.

All while staying completely anonymous.

Adoptability and treaceability

The solution includes a possibility to configure the handling process adjusting it to the needs of the company.

Furthermore, the system keeps the log of all the changes and updates done to cases to avoid any potential discrepancies.