GDPR breach management

Ensure compliance by:

  • Common breach reporting channel
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • 72 hour countdown reminders
  • Breach traceability
  • Preventing future cases

Reporting and notifications

Personal breach reporting channel could be made available to own employees, contractors, suppliers and even customers.

The responsible person (such as a local Data Privacy Officer) would be assigned to the case and all the stakeholders notified automatically.


The assigned responsible person would classify the case to determine the level of severity.

Based on that it is decided whether authorities notification is required or not. If the notification is required then the countdown of 72 hours starts.

Countdown reminders

By sending automatic reminders to the breach management team, the system ensures that the law of notifying authorities within 72 hours is followed.

The reminders are sent by email as notification deadline comes closer.


All updates and edits done to the breach case are automatically tracked. This helps to trace back the handling process in case if a dispute arise.

The system also keeps record of all the notifications and reminders sent to users to avoid potential questions regarding the communication.

Corrective and preventive actions

Prevent similar cases from repeating by identifying corrective and preventive actions. They could be assigned to both employees and contractors.

The implementation is automatically followed up with regular reminders.